Welcome to LOFAR-BG!

Here you will find up-to-date information on the development of a Bulgarian LOFAR station and joining the international LOFAR telescope. This includes establishing a National LOFAR consortium, as well as organisation of seminars and meetings.

The LOFAR telescope, originally developed in the Netherlands, is managed by the Netherlands Institute of Radio Astronomy – ASTRON. It is an advanced, pan-European, distributed, low-frequency radio telescope, consisting of separate observing stations with dipole antenna arrays. The signals from each individual antenna in every station are added into observing ‘beams’, electronically steered in any desired direction of the Northern sky.

LOFAR offers unique observing capabilities for studying astrophysical and geophysical phenomena in the near and distant Universe. Our goal is to develop national capabilities for observation, processing, and analysis of LOFAR data, as well as to build and develop a Bulgarian LOFAR station.